W. John Cocke

Introducing the first of only two Biblical calligraphic works in English in the last 400 years.

Copying the Bible by hand is a very old spiritual exercise in both Christianity and Judaism. When finished in 1999, THE FOUR GOSPELS: A STUDY IN CALLIGRAPHY was the only calligraphic edition of any of the four Gospels available in modern English. I used the King James Version and did the work entirely by hand.

Please be assured that I have used no computer fonts at all. ~ I did the whole work lovingly by hand, with pen and ink.

"Many different historical scripts inspired the calligraphy in The Four Gospels. I developed my own versions, and some of my scripts evolve naturally into one another."
             - W. John Cocke

The Four Gospels:
​A Study in Calligraphy