John Cocke and I share a love for calligraphy, and when he showed me a sample of his skill, I felt great admiration for the beauty and precision of his work and the joy he brings to this art. Having been trained as a religious scribe (Sofer) in the Judaic tradition, I recognize his gift and the patience it takes to accomplish what you will see. Enjoy!

Rabbi Michael Shapiro 
Scottsdale Torah Institute
Scottsdale, Az.
June 2012


This calligraphic presentation of the New Testament Gospels is not only a magnificent work of art but it is above all a deep expression of faith. Pen, heart and head have come together in the hands of the author. This achievement is all the more to be admired as it comes from the hand of an astrophysicist and cosmologist. Perhaps the marvels of the universe have led him to see God’s love working in the Evangelists and the early Church as it continues to bemanifest in all of creation.

 George V. Coyne,
S.J. Distinguished McDevitt ​Chair of Religious Philosophy
Le Moyne College ​Director Emeritus of the Vatican Observatory
October 2011    

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This is a gorgeous book for both the religious and non-religious alike! The King James text provides the perfect "ambiance" for the calligraphy, giving it an illuminated feel. The varied styles give it personality and character to the same extent that the Gospels give it history and tradition. It has a place of honor in my home.

Caitlyn Johnston, MBA, Author, Poet
Burbank, Ca
December 2012

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W. J. Cocke 

We all know what, at its root, gospel means:  Good news.  But perhaps not what, at its root,calligraphy means:  beautiful lettering. John crafts the two as one: the good and the beautiful.His text thus recalls the famous closing lines of the Grecian Urn by John Keats: "Beauty is truth, truth beauty -- that is all  /  Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."  That is, to know these two as one is the thing most needful for us on earth.  And the thing most helpful is, and ever will be, the sublime text of the Four Gospels -- as lettered here by the good and beautiful hands of John Cocke.

 James O. Allsup
​Professor of English Literature
January 2013

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There is something to be said for the beauty of scripture that comes through the hand. It connects more deeply to the heart and allows it in turn to stir the soul. This is such scripture, truly a touch from the hand of the ages. Like any work of art, it draws you to itself again and again and offers a humbling experience of the purely divine.

Rev. Geraldine Nangle
Johrei Fellowship
Tucson, Az
January 2013 

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The Four Gospels:  A Study in Calligraphy is a mesmerizing work of spirituality and art.  When I sat down with this book, my eyes were drawn into the beauty and flow of the letters; my mind was fascinated by the "Traditional English" words and phrasing;  and my soul was drawn into a meditative state during which I experienced the Gospels as never before.  Dr. W. John Cocke, an astronomer by profession, has spent his life viewing the heavens through telescopes on earth, but now, through this work, he has brought the heavens down to earth in a form that is available to all of us.

Roberta B. Trieschmann, Ph.D.
Consulting Psychologist
January 2013 

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Review of The Four Gospels: A Study in Calligraphy by W.J. Cocke

Calligraphy dates back to early man in the Stone Ages when artistic writing was done on cave walls.  It was brought to an art form by the Egyptians in their hieroglyphics.  The beautiful calligraphy done by John Cocke in his Four Gospels is somewhat reminiscent of the art of the Irish Monks, who wrote the Book of Kells in the 6th through 9th centuries (although in Latin).  John’s work displays his love of the gentle words behind the art and is an absolute pleasure to read.  We look forward to seeing future writing from this amazing artist/scientist. 

Maureen J Orr RN, CCM
Miami, Fla.
 ​January 2013

Glowing Reviews

The Four Gospels:
​A Study in Calligraphy

W. John Cocke

This true masterpiece
​ ~ an exact copy of the King James Version ~ took over  fifteen years to complete.